Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Nazrin the son of the senile ruler of Perak, take note that democracy is a principle whereby the control of authority comes from the public, and ruler and non-ruler are the same. Even though there is no specific, universally accepted definition of democracy, there are two principles that any definition of democracy includes. The first principle is that all citizens, not invested with the power to govern, have equal access to power and the second that all citizens enjoy legitimized freedoms and liberties.

When these basic freedoms and liberties are robbed of the people, then the only civilized course of action by any responsible citizen who cares about his nation, is to ensure that his voice is heard loud and clear! Get this straight into your ever conniving brain! When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty! If rebellions become the order of the day, the nation is simply ruled by the criminals and the corrupt. Ask yourself whether you and your family members including your ‘guardian angel’, the Agong Najib, have plundered the nation’s wealth and robbed the poor of a bare minimum standard of living! It is a pity that only in Malaysia, even the right to a peaceful demonstration is robbed of the people! What’s worst, the peaceful demonstrations are converted into lawless mobs by ‘peacekeepers’ who are supposed to protect the peace of this nation. Nazrin the illegal seller of Perak: Saintly words should never be uttered by a person who has lost all sanity! If you still insist in building an impossible bridge between two mountains, just for that clap of your ‘creativity’, then let us warn you that our actions too will have far reaching consequences; we will destroy those mountains to mere ashes, and stuff your filthy mouth with the last peck of that dust and prepare you for your last journey to the gates of the condemned hell!

The Might Of Pen.

Blog berkenaan sudahpun di"delete" dua hari lepas. Namun bukti penghinaan terhadap Raja Nazrin, Pemangku Raja Perak berjaya disimpan dengan kecanggihan teknologi sekarang.

Inilah bukti kejayaan Dakwah PAS yang dilaung-laungkan...

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