Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Siapa Karpal Singh mempersoalkan Sultan Perak?

Karpal Singh mengingatkan Istana Perak supaya memahami kuasa terhad raja-raja, Karpal menekankan bahawa “rakyat kini tidak lagi hidup dalam zaman feudal.’' -petikan Utusan Melayu 5 Mei

Jika Karpal berani mempertikaikan keputusan Sultan, kami juga ingin mengingatkan Karpal SIAPA anda untuk menilai keputusan Sultan Perak? Karpal tidak berhak mempersoalkan keputusan kerajaan Negeri Perak dan keputusan Sultan Perak kerana Karpal bukannya Menteri Besar Perak.Apa yang ingin ditekankan disini ialah Mengapa sebelum membuat sesuatu keputusan yang berkaitan dengan pemecatan Datuk Jamry Sury tidak di maklumkan kepada Istana Perak terlebih dahulu sedangkan perlantikan jawatan didalam Jabatan Agama Islam adalah tertakluk kepada perkenan Sultan?

Karpal turut menggesa Kerajaan Pusat memastikan sultan dilarang daripada campur tangan dalam pentadbiran kerajaan negeri agar apa yang berlaku di Perak tidak menjadi ikutan negeri-negeri beraja yang lain.Menurutnya, walaupun sultan merupakan ketua agama Islam tetapi pelantikan kakitangan awam terletak di bawah bidang kuasa kerajaan negeri.-petikan Utusan Melayu 5 Mei

Bagaimana pula halnya Karpal campur tangan dalam keputusan Istana Perak? Jika Karpal boleh campur tangan KAMI juga ingin mengesa kepada Kerajaan Pusat supaya tindakan Karpal dalam mempersoalkan kuasa raja-raja di Malaysia harus dihentikan demi menjaga Rukun Negara yang kedua iaitu Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara. Benar pelantikan kakitangan awam terletak dibawah bidang kuasa kerajaan negeri tetapi untuk penjawat agama perlu mendapat perkenan Sultan barulah ia boleh dilantik. Apakah Karpal tidak mengetahui atau ada agenda yang lain?

“Saya amat menghormati dan dengan rendah diri akan sentiasa patuh dengan apa juga keputusan yang dibuat oleh baginda Sultan Perak.“Saya akan memohon menghadap dan menyerahkan watikah memohon ampun kepada baginda secepat mungkin,” kata Mohammad Nizar dalam satu kenyataan Sabtu lalu.-petikan Utusan Melayu 5 Mei

Yang benar ditegakkan yang salah harus diakui bukankah itu dituntut dalam Islam?MB Perak perlu melakukan apa yang benar kerana dia membawa parti yang mendukung islam jangan lupa dan jangan ingkar dan jangan lupa rukun negara.

Istana Perak menyifatkan perbuatan Mohammad Nizar menukar Jamry sebagai membelakangkan kedudukan Sultan Perak sebagai Ketua Agama Islam dan Raja Muda Perak selaku Yang Dipertua Majlis Agama Islam dan Adat Istiadat Melayu Perak (MAIAMP).-petikan Utusan Melayu 5 Mei

Kami Pemuda UCBA berjanji akan terus mempertahankan Kesultanan Melayu walau dengan apa cara sekalipun.

- Gerak Gempur


zulk said...

Itulah DAP kalau nak tahu.Rakyat masih tak faham2 lagi

backtrack said...

Grand Saga - the bully at Bandar Makhota Cheras
by Edward Kok

Yesterday’s ruckus at Bandar Mahkota Cheras is another sad example of the Federal Government’s oppression against its own people whom the Federal Government has pledged to serve and protect.

The FRU, fully armed and protected against hapless residents who merely want to have an access road to their residence.

Why is Grand Saga, the toll concessionaire so eager to re-enact the barricade to block the access to Mahkota Cheras? A few more jam-free days for these traffic weary folks pending the decision of the survey report by the Survey Department would not have hurt Grand Saga one bit. Do they not have a social responsibility to Malaysians, especially after they have their pockets full, contributed by fellow Malaysians?

A very pertinent question arises. How are they, a mere private corporation able to get FRU’s assistance and supervision for their re-enactment of the barricade?

Firstly, for FRU to intervene, Grand Saga must be exercising a legal right. They are not. The survey department has not determined who has the right of way in respect of the access road. Neither is there an order from the High Court authorizing them to do so. The FRU’s intervention amounts to nothing more than assistance and abetting an illegal act! In short, the Federal Government is assisting and abetting an illegal act!

Such deployment of the FRU is clearly an abuse of power on the part of the Federal Government. Who in the Federal Government issued such instructions to the FRU? And why?

Many questios linger.

To Grand Saga and the Federal Government, your bullying ways will not go unpunished. One day, we, the ordinary rakyat will have our day. That day will surely come.

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60 Responses to “Grand Saga - the bully at Bandar Makhota Cheras”
mollyong Says:

Yesterday at 20: 55.39
dear YB,
i fail to understand why we should face this situation. should get hold of the previous minister of transport n work. malaysia is a country if we compare with other countries, are much better country to live in, why must creat an issue when the government HAS THE RIGHT TO STOP Grand Saga, why pass the bug areound and make us suffer???. When big Elephant fight the rat will suffer….

catharsis Says:

Yesterday at 20: 56.49

homer simpson Says:

Yesterday at 21: 03.58
These police and FRU are license samseng, how can they put laws in to their own hand…. THIS IS TOO MUCH….!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENough of crap from the Federal government, they have let us down too many a times….

justice_fighter Says:

Yesterday at 21: 04.24
See the video here:

DAP member of Parliament for Segambut, Lim Lip Eng, has been warded at 3pm today following his scuffle with police officers in Bandar Mahkota Cheras (BMC) near Kajang last night (see pictures here: http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/82566).

And yet the sleepy Pak Lah said he did not even know this incident!!

Do you think Pak Lah cares about your welfare??! Think again!!

BN is once again digging its own grave!! All citizens must come forward next GE13 to vote BN out!!! Let them be history!!

TC33 Says:

Yesterday at 21: 09.47
The Federal Government bullying style and the police’s unprofessionalism are hardly surprising. BN paid the price on March 8 exactly for these.

The surprise is that our new Selangor MB, Khalid Ibrahim, declined BMC residents invitation to visit the scene, citing busy schedule.
He says that the state government needs a few months time to “study” the problem. He adds that the interest of Grand Saga also needs to be taken into consideration.

catharsis Says:

Yesterday at 21: 15.49

S IV:87

God! There is no God.
But He: of surety
He will gather you together
Against the Day of Judgment
About which there is no doubt
And whose word can be
Truer than God’s

Psalm 140;1-2

Recue us, O Lord, from evil men;
protect us from men of violence,
who devise evil plans to their hearts
and stir up war every day.
They make their tongues a ssharo as a serpent’s
the poison of vipers is on their lips

anak sungeisiput Says:

Yesterday at 21: 15.56
The FRU’s are paid goons of a ruthless government similiar to some 4th world counries/states like Mynmar , Bihar (India), Zimbabwe. One other thing common among these countries are the pervasive corruption at the topmost level.

The Rakyats are the loosers in such rotten states.

winsoontan Says:

Yesterday at 21: 18.27
I wonder why Selangor and Federal government did not do any correct action to solve the problem? If you let the Cheras people to face problem themselve , i would like to say i am really very sad with both of the governments!

asri said...

Dear Mr. Backtrack,

Ur comment shall command my respect. Therefore, as much as u like other people to respect ur opinion, so do i like of u over mine.

First of all, I must convey my sympathy to all parties involved in the Grand Saga issue. No one should want this to happen.

However, after reading ur comment, I feel an obligation to respond. There are many ways to look at the Grand Saga issue. This is one way. Imagine urself doing the following;

1. Put on Grand Saga's glasses; Now ask; what do u see? and what u don't want to see? what would u like to see? And what u wouldn’t like to see?

2. Put on the Authority's glasses;
Ask the same questions.

3. Put on the glasses of the people involved.
Ask the same.

My opinion is as follows;

1. Grand Saga (G.S.) - is a business entity. As such, its main objective is profit. At its most basic ground, Grand Saga has all rights, just like u, me and all other business and commercial entities in Malaysia do, to protect its interests, rights and privileges. The authority, likewise.

Whether or not G.S. should carry out its social obligation to the society is not for us to decide. It's their decision to make.

2. In this "ruckus" as u call it, take a moment to consider this; when the "people" take the law in their hands, the result will be chaotic and anarchic. Agree? Lawlessness is a disaster.

Due to that, the authority has to restore order. The question of the appropriateness of the means used in doing so is a secondary matter. Having said that, I must stress here that I’m not a fan of the old Machiavellian principle that says “the means justifies the ends”. However, peace and order is the fundamental necessity here. Yet again, I should also say that at times, good medicines don’t necessarily have to taste sweet.

3. You speak of the legality of FRU actions. Now, is the erection of the barricade legal? Did the people who were behind the barricade have the authority to act as such? On what ground the legitimacy of such action was based on?

On the least, the FRU carries the authority badge.

4. The people have every right to make demands. It is their duty to be civic and use civil ways to make the authority listen to their demands and act accordingly. It is not worth a single cent for the people to resort to aggression and hostility against the authority which is there to prevent violation of rights. Violence begets violence. There is no exception.

There is simply no better way to do this than through the proper channels. What are the proper channels? U might ask. Well, u can always c ur representative, can’t u? Or see the media, for example. The media, print and electronic alike, can provide u with a list that lists down all public problems/issues that they have helped to resolve over the years.

As much as publicity can do a lot of good for business, so too it can to harm. Grand Saga is no exemption. They can’t afford nationwide bad news coverage. It’s like toothache. Nobody who is sensible enough would like to have a toothache everyday. I don’t know about u. But I, for sure, would trade anything just not to have one.

Indeed, there are many other respectful and dignified ways to make sure that demands are met.

Oppression, as u persistently highlight in ur comment, is a subjective matter. Depending on whose glasses u put on. Depending on which side u r on. Depending on whose shoes u r in.

MuhdTaib said...

Karpal memang derhaka, tetapi orang melayu lagi derhaka kepada sultan dan agong, cuba tanay Dr M, Pak Lah dan Idris Jusoh, macam mana mereka menghina sultan kita...

Doubl;e Standard...

asri said...


Standard apa yg anda hendak pertahankan?

Bukankah anda juga telah derhaka dgn mempertahankan Karpal Singh? Anda lebih rela Sultan dihina org seperti Karpal.

Suatu hari nnt, kalau anda jd bangsa termundur termiskin di Malaysia ini, dtg lah kepada Karpal (atau DAP) yg anda tolong perkuasakan untuk pertolongan. Nescaya anda pasti di ludahnya.

Inilah padahnya perangai sesetengah org melayu yg lebih gemar bangsa asing kafir berkuasa dan senang lenang drp bangsanya sendiri.

Inilah dia penyakit hasad dengki dan khianat yg sebenar-benarnya.

Nyemah Mulya said...

mmg pun muhdtaib ko bleh sokong karpal tu...tgk time election dap kata dgn org cina kalau undi bn tu maksud undi mlayu..n kalau kita menang kita akan ubah perlembagaan utk hapuskan hak istimewa org mlayu..kat org malayu pulak dap kata kita sama2 org m'sia..

kan nampak dap ni lidah biawak..lidah biawak lagi baik sbb ada cabang 2 jek..lidah dap? wah2..

tu ke org yg ko peluk sgt...bela sgt si karpal tu..??mcm2 contoh yg dah ada sejak pkr,dap,pas memerintah bbrapa negeri..

ko masih tak nampak?? ke pura2 tak nampak..bukak lah mata bukak lah hati utk terima kebenaran...

-tun nyemah-